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Our Story....

There is one universal truth for everyone on this planet: everyone is born. But what many people do not realize, or perhaps have forgotten, is that they were born GR8 in some way. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder from yourself, or from someone that loves you, or even from a stranger as to what that way is.

And this is where our story started.

born gr8 tshirt inspires millionsBornGR8 was founded by two entrepreneurs who wanted to find a way to send a positive message into a world that seemed to be getting crazier and crazier by the day. After many different ideas, we decided that sometimes the simplest way is the best way: remind people of not only who they are and who they were, but also who they have always been. Everyone has something GR8 about them, and we see no reason why everyone shouldn't know exactly what that something is. There are so many reasons you were BornGR8.  We want to help you find just one.

Our products are Made in the USA and our styles are designed in the Great State of Texas.  We hope you enjoy them. ;-)